We Kissed women Friend. Will She Obtain Feelings for Me?

Reader Question:

I have this female buddy. She thinks i might make an B+/A date, but she says there’s no spark. One night directly after we sought out partying, I made a decision to kiss the lady. She kissed myself back in an important method.

We discussed it 2 days afterwards and she stated she merely kissed because she was tipsy and she’d not have kissed me sober. That finished up in a disagreement because she ended up being behaving exactly the same from just how she functions sober, and I also stated she most likely had a desire to kiss-me as a result of exactly how she kissed myself back.

We apologized and we tend to be to normal.

You think she comes with feelings for me personally? Do I need to hug their once more?

-Oliver (Caribbean)

Dr. Wendy Walsh’s Response:


This girl is actually messing together with your mind. Very first she insults you by claiming you will be a less-than-perfect sweetheart, after which she states you might be merely really worth kissing whenever she’s drunk.

I would put her directly from inside the friend area. And once you pull everything electricity, view just how she responds.

If she is playing difficult to get to save her reputation, she’ll need to come to terms with that when you quit pursuing.

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